Bathing bouquet

Blooming Beautiful


Bathing bouquet
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blooming beautiful side gift

A secret garden bursts from within this pretty parcel. Crumbling the rose absolute and oil blend of Rose Jam bubbleroon under running water will release streams of sweetly floral bubbles that calm the senses. The uplifting ylang ylang and grounding clary sage oils in Sex Bomb will help to bring minds back to the here and now without worries. Fizzing Sakura whisks low moods away on a cherry blossom breeze with uplifting lemon oil and bright orange blossom absolute. A blossoming trio of fantastic florals soothes worries and helps instill serenity. 



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pink rose shaped bubble bar
For a rosier mood and softer skin
Bath Bomb
Blooming lovely
Bath Bomb
This bomb's made for lovin'
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