Water (Aqua)


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Water or aqua is often the first item on a Quantitative Ingredients list. We have to declare the name 'Aqua' by law. Water is the basis of life. The Sumarians called water 'A,' which meant ‘generative force.’ For thousands of years, water, whether in the form of rain or rivers, has been highly valued and worshipped. There are sacred springs in all countries.



Water is an active agent that can dissolve some of the minerals from the rocks it flows over. Rain and melted snow filter through soil and permeable rock until they reach impervious rock such as granite. Water can be described as ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ because of the characteristics it develops from the geology it flows through.

Softened water is ‘soft’ because it is generated in regions of hard, impervious rock. It does not contain any mineral residue. On the other hand, ‘hard’ water is caused by calcium and magnesium ions dissolved in water from calcium and magnesium salts taken up from limestone and dolomite. These are quite soft rocks compared to granite. The hardness and softness of water have implications for cosmetics because different types of water affect hair in different ways.

Water catches ions of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and other minerals, which nourish the interior of our skin cells. Water from cosmetic products is absorbed by the skin and travels to the deeper layers. Softening the upper layers with emollient ingredients, such as cocoa butter, stops water from escaping out again.

A positive way to start the day is to re-energize with a shower. The negative ions in the moving water provide a feeling of energy. Shower products blend their water content with our other effective ingredients to create a softening, cleansing effect on skin and hair.

In 1783, an English physicist, Henry Cavendish, discovered that an electric spark induces hydrogen and oxygen to combine and produce water. In 1805, de Humboldt and Gay-Lussac showed that water is formed of two volumes of hydrogen and one of oxygen. The physical nature of water was established.

Living creatures cannot live without water and there is a greater awareness today of the importance of drinking it. Water regulates body temperature and eliminates waste stored in the tissues quickly and easily. Drinking plenty of water is an excellent way to cleanse the body, which helps keep skin clear and beautiful. When you consider that it is quite normal to lose 600ml to 800ml, it becomes apparent how important water is to the normal functioning of the body.

Water is often the first item on a Quantitative Ingredients list, and it is sometimes thought of as the 'profit margin' for a product. We are experts at making products that do not contain water and have created many innovations (solid shampoo, conditioners and bubble bars). Our work in fresh face masks involved controlling water content to establish microbiological quality, therefore, we know how difficult it is to formulate without it.


Water (Aqua) can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Water (Aqua) can be found in these products
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