Synthetic Fluorphlogopite

Synthetic Fluorphlogopite

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Synthetic fluorphlogopite is a type of synthetic mica that is white or grey in colour. In products, it is coated smoothly with titanium dioxide, a naturally occurring white pigment, which creates a silvery pearlescence which gives a glowing appearance on the skin. When used in combination with other synthetic mica pigments, the blend of synthetic fluorphlogopite and titanium dioxide can produce incredibly bright colours.



Synthetic mica is the term used for a range of shimmering pigments that is blended to create colour in products, whether as part of the product experience e.g. bath bombs, or to apply colour on skin in a specific way e.g. in make up.   These pigments are synthetic replicas of shimmering pigments that can be found in nature in a silica based mineral rock called mica.

Phlogopite is a natural mineral of the mica family that consists of layered magnesium aluminium silicate sheets weakly bound together by potassium ions. Synthetic Fluorphlogopite is similar except that fluorine atoms are present and it is made using high temperatures in a laboratory. 

Synthetic mica pigments are brighter than natural mica and has a more uniform finish which does not contain any sharp edges. This is particularly useful for colouring products used around the delicate eye area. Buying fully traceable mica that is mined without the use of child labour has also proved quite difficult so it is easier to buy a synthetic version to avoid human rights violations.

Our synthetic mica is purchased from a company in Germany who do not test on animals.

The use of synthetic mica is one of the ways all our products are free from PET plastic glitter. These are safe pigments that can go to landfill, down a plughole or back to the earth and will not interfere with ecosystems. Plastic glitters are called microplastics or microbeads which end up in the food chain in oceans, leading to marine life being full of plastic and interfering in their health, and ultimately in the health of ocean ecosystems. PET plastic free glitter is also easier to clean up after bath time, less irritating for the eye and skin and easier to remove before bed time.

Synthetic Fluorphlogopite can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Synthetic Fluorphlogopite can be found in these products
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