Jasmine Absolute

Jasminum grandiflorum

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Floral and seductive
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In India, jasmine oil is considered luxurious and an indication of wealth. The flowers are widely grown in people's gardens as well as for commercial production. Jasmine flowers are also important in Hindu ceremonies and are mentioned in many religious texts. The star-shaped flowers are white or pale yellow and extremely fragrant, they open at night to release their scent. Both men and women have long used jasmine oil in India as an aphrodisiac, hair and beauty tonic and as a sensual perfume.




Jasmine was brought to Europe in the 16th century and became a staple ingredient in the perfume industry. Every August, a jasmine festival is held in Grasse, France, during which revellers scatter jasmine water and flowers over celebrating crowds and the town comes alive with music, events and visitors from all over the world.  

Jasmine is often used in cosmetics for its fragrance, but it is also valued in aromatherapy for treating sensitive skin, muscular complaints, depression and other stress-related conditions. It's one of our favourite ingredients and we use the absolute in many of our best-selling products.

The jasmine flowers are processed through solvent extraction to produce a concrete, from which the absolute is made. It can take thousands of jasmine flowers just to produce one kilo of absolute: a thick, dark-orange liquid, which has a rich, floral aroma.




At a glance

At a glance

Seductively scented and great for sensitive skin too
Time of harvest
India & Egypt
Jasmine Absolute can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Jasmine Absolute can be found in these products
Vanillary Perfume
Comforting and truly scrumptious
AED 300.00
Hair Treatment
Tame that mane
AED 140.00
Shower Scrub
Freshly scrubbed
AED 115.00
Massage Bar
Sensually soft
AED 80.00