Colour 17200

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Products with this ingredient

Synthetic colours are regulated and approved for safe use by different governing bodies around the world. Colour 17200, also known as FD&C Red 33, is a water-soluble colour.



We use it in our products to add pinky red colours.

There is a huge array of colour listed under these systems. We use a few of these to supplement our natural pigments, to achieve a full pallet of colour.  We find that there are some colours that we cannot achieve using only natural pigments.

Colour adds to the aesthetic of a product and enhances the experience, making the products more fun and exciting.  Colour can have a profound effect on our feelings, emotions and wellbeing. For example, it is thought that the colour red makes the heart beat faster.

Colour 17200 can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Colour 17200 can be found in these products
New Formula
purple and white mountain shaped bubble bar with lavender sprig insert
Bubble Bar
Moisturising for lavender lovers
AED 55.00
jason and Argan oils
Shampoo Bar
Great hair is no myth
AED 75.00
Brightens and softens
AED 250.00
Candy Mountain bubble bar
Bubble Bar
Sugar sweet summits
AED 35.00