Citric Acid

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Citric acid is a naturally occurring fruit acid. In lemons and limes, it can account for up to 8% of the dry weight. Our citric acid is produced from non-genetically modified sugar beet or molasses.



We source citric acid from Europe.

The molasses is crushed, mixed with lime and stacked in trays; the mix is then sprayed with a natural mould spore, allowing the fermenting mix to turn grey and fuzzy, eventually becoming citric acid.

It is a white crystalline powder, which is odourless and tastes very acidic.

Alchemists were aware of the acid as early as 700AD. It was first isolated in 1784 (from crystallized lemon juice) by Swedish chemist, Carl Wilhelm Scheele.

It was first mass-produced on an industrial scale in 1860 as a by-product of the Italian citrus fruit industry. In 1893, it was discovered that penicilium mould could be used to help produce the acid by means of fermenting carbohydrates. In 1917, aspergillus niger was used, thereby leading to today’s commonly used process.

We combine citric acid with sodium bicarbonate to form the basis of our explosive bath bombs. When added to the water, this creates carbon dioxide and causes a bubbling, fizzing action. Many colours, fragrances, essential oils, flowers and herbs can be added to make uniquely fragrant ballistics. As they break down in the water, the effect of the essential oils is heightened.

Citric Acid can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Citric Acid can be found in these products
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