Bay Oil

Pimenta racemosa

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Conditioning and antiseptic
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Belongs to the Myrtaceae plant family. It is obtained from large evergreen trees that grow up to 8 metres high and produce large leaves and small fruits. It is indigenous to the West Indies, particularly to Dominica.



Leaves are collected in summer and dried whole, or as branches, for infusions, powders, and oil distillation. Bay leaves are used in cooking as part of bouquet garni and are added to sauces, soups, vegetable stews and desserts. Medicinally, bay is used to treat dandruff, sprains, bruises, and atonic ulcers.

It is extracted from the leaves of the tree by steam distillation.

Bay oil is dark yellow in colour and has a spicy and sweet aroma. The main constituent in bay oil is eugenol. It is known to be antiseptic and warming. Aromatherapists have traditionally used bay oil as a scalp conditioner and to promote hair growth.


Bay Oil can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Bay Oil can be found in these products
Previously named R&B
cream coloured splodge of revive hair moisturiser
Hair Moisturiser
A curl-defining moisture boost
AED 140.00
A bottle of The Smell of Weather Turning Lush perfume. The perfume is brown in colour and contained in a rectangle bottle featuring a black lid and label.
Timelessly fresh and clean
AED 700.00
web renees shea souffle
Hair and Scalp Oil
Hydration and shine for curls
AED 95.00