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Let's party!

Celebrating at Lush has levelled up

Our parties are a fantastic way to celebrate any special occasion! They are hosted in store by our bright and bubbly staff.  Our party information is detailed below, please also look through our ‘party terms and conditions’ above as this includes key information, such as our requirement that there are two adults present for groups where guests are under 16 years old.


•Each party costs AED 200 per guest

•All parties are 1hour 30mins

•All parties include product making within the cost.

•Each guest will take home 1 product in addition to a handmade product.

•Meanwhile, the guest of honour will receive a birthday gift of three products wrapped in a lovely knot wrap

Product Making Options

The comforter bubble bar

Creamy Candy bubble bar

Sunnyside bubble bar

Big Blue bath bomb

Butterball bath bomb

Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask

Cupcake face mask

We may also have seasonal kits available upon enquiry

Party products

Woosh – Conga – Twilight - SHOWER JELLY

Intergalatic – pink bomb – BATH BOMB

Lemon – Candy – Mint – BUBBLE BRUSH

We may also have Exclusive product during season -Upon enquiry

What does my party involve?

Parties are one and a half hours long and are available to be booked directly with any shop. Some shops may have a minimum number of attendees so please double check with the store! When you book, choose from two different themes: Fun and Games or Treat Yourself. Each choice will set the mood for your party. For an energetic and vibrant atmosphere, go for Fun and Games or, for a more laid back tone, opt for Treat Yourself. Every party booking includes a selection of games and activities tailored to you, a product making kit of your choice, and an exclusive party product for each of your guests. The guest of honour gets something extra special too. Choose three of our party exclusive products and receive them in a special Party Animal gift to take home on the day!


1) Call up, email or pop into store to talk to one of our friendly party planners. 

2) Decide on a date for the party. This should be booked at least 4 weeks in advance to ensure you have the best party experience.

3) Pop into store for a party consultation so we can make your party truly bespoke.

4) Pay a deposit to secure your booking. We ask for a minimum of AED 50 per a person (25% of total party), but you might want to pay more. (This can be paid in store) 

5) You are all set! All you need to do is turn up to your party and have an amazing time!

For more information please contact us on STORE NUMBER or email us on: [email protected]