Vegan Spring treats you don't have to eat: A world of pure imagination

Spring is on its way, With a fresh wave of chocolate treats and egg shaped confectionery just around the corner, what do you do for the vegan in your life? Not fear, this year Spring products are 100% vegan!

With the number of searches for vegan Easter goodies on the rise every year, and the record breaking success of Veganuary 2018, this Easter is sure to be the most vegan-friendly one yet. A dairy-free Easter egg even won the 2018 chocolate taste test, a sure sign that times are changing. Spring isn’t just about chocolate though. It’s about rejuvenating, re-invigorating and refreshing, and what better way to do so than with uplifting suds, soaks and lathers - so here’s a run down of some of the dairy-free treats you can expect at Lush this Easter.

Eggsellent alternatives to chocolate

If you want an alternative to chocolate eggs, then why not pluck for a Cream Egg bubbleroon instead? Minty and chocolatey but also dairy free, you’ll be able to satisfy your sweet tooth with something a bit psych-egg-delic. Don't forget to let us know how you foam yours…

Golden Egg Gift

It seems that wherever you go a chocolatey treat isn’t far away, but there is one realm where everyone’s favourite cocoa fix has yet to venture. Until now…

If you can’t get enough of the sweet stuff and want your Easter to be as choctastic as possible while also still being kind to critters, then worry no more. The final frontier has been cracked. Yes, you guessed it. You can now enjoy chocolate in the bath. Four deliciously decadent treats are tucked inside this glorious egg, ready for you to indulge your mind, body and soul in their supremely satisfying sweetness.

After all, every good egg deserves, well, a golden egg.

Carrot Gift

Rooting for relaxation this Easter? You’ve come to the right place.

Peel away the wrapper on this rad root vegetable to reveal all you need for three splendid spring time soaks. If you carrot all about bathing, then you’ll dig this green-thumbed gift.

Chocolate lip scrub

Just because you’re not eating chocolate doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some. Why not add Chocolate lip scrub to your pamper routine? Caster sugar polishes your lips and the taste is certainly reminiscent of a much loved, orange flavoured treat.

Wash Behind Your Ears

You may think it’s no bunny’s business how your hair feels - but a wash with this zesty shampoo bar will convince you otherwise. You’re sure to feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a run in with lemon juice and cider vinegar! Just don't forget to wash behind your ears, whether they are flopsy or not. And remember, no bunny was harmed in the making of this bar!

Cupcake fresh face mask

After all the vegan chocolate you’re inevitably going to eat, your stomach will probably be thanking you but your skin may not. Treat any  chocolate-induce blemishes with, you guessed it, more chocolate! When it comes to post-Easter skincare, Cupcake fresh face mask has you covered, quite literally. A thick layer of cocoa powder and refreshing mint is a feast for your skin while also ensuring your chocolate fix stays all year.

New Vegannings
No matter whether you’re tweeting yourself or a special some-bunny, making Easter more vegan friendly needn’t be hard - discover the full range here.

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