Palentine’s, Galentine’s, or Valentine’s - pamper yourself silly this February

Right. You can’t avoid it. There’s red hearts and dine-in-for-two deals everywhere you go. So, whether you love it, hate it, or just want an excuse to have a good time, here’s a few ways to pamper and indulge in some good self-loving in the second month of the calendar year.


Face Masks

There’s not much that can compete with that post face mask feeling. Taking the time to really care for your skin, and lavish it with sublime oils, butters, fruits and veg is the ultimate indulgence. Plus, Lush face masks are available all year round. Why not start a relationship that’ll stand the test of time this Valentine’s Day?

Rosy Cheeks

If you still want rose to feature in your February plans, this skin-soothing mask is a great way to do so. With calming rose oil and a cleansing blend of kaolin clay and calamine powder, this pretty in pink mask will help balance and tone skin.


We’ve all had a relationship that shouldn’t work - on paper. Chocolate and skincare are just one of these unfairly dismissed combos. Paired with rhassoul mud, cocoa powder helps to draw out impurities and cleanse skin, while cocoa butter and linseed oil help hydrate and soften. That’s your chocolate fix taken care of.


The only FOMO you’re going to experience this February is in this uplifting, skin balancing Jelly Mask. Because who cares what everyone else is doing? Shut off Instagram, ignore Twitter and book in some facetime to pamper skin with luxurious rose and neroli oils.

Find the full range of face and body masks here.

Hair Treatments

Pampering manes different things to everyone, but the ultimate indulgence should always include a hair treat. With nine treatments to choose from, there’s something to suit every one.


Want extra volume and stunning shine? Yuge is the treatment to choose. With volumising sea salt and guar gum to condition, your barnet will be beautifully boosted in no time.  Perfect for any partying you plan to do this month.


This mighty minty hair mask gets to the root of great hair. Three types of mint stimulate the scalp and hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth, while extra virgin coconut oil and honey soften and smooth.


For hair that needs a little tender loving care. Damaged is packed with moisturising and strengthening ingredients, including extra virgin olive oil, almond oil and avocado oil.

Find the full range of hair treatments here.


Feeling the woes of winter on your muscles? A massage (not necessarily given by someone else) can be the perfect pampering treat to relax and replenish, and Lush massage bars help add an extra bit of stimulation.


Teamed with a chat and a cuppa, a hand massage with this sweet orange, neroli and lavender essential oils blend is sure to make you feel good.

Wiccy Magic Muscles

For muscles that have been working hard, this stimulating cinnamon and peppermint essential oil bar is a saviour. With aduki beans to help massage any knots, achy muscles will be a thing of the past.

If a really good pamper looks like a long hot soak in the tub, just treat yourself to a relaxing bath bomb instead.


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