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Making Olive Tree gourmet soap

Ever wondered what goes into making a gourmet soap? We’re going behind-the-scenes to watch our master compounders create a batch of our freshly reformulated Olive Tree.

We’re proud to pioneer soap making, and our newly reformulated gourmet soaps take our manufacturing process to an entirely new level. Some are pleasingly soft and gooey, some produce a rich, creamy lather - but each and every one looks, feels and smells wonderful.

Olive Tree is a gentle gourmet soap made with olive oil and freshly blended juicy green olives, which soften the skin. It’s bespoke base is made from olive oil sourced from the MARDA Permaculture Farm in Palestine, a SLush funded partnership which supports social and environmental regeneration. The soap creates a gel-like lather, leaving skin feeling cleansed and softened.

Making Olive Tree Gourmet Soap

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about 2 years ago

I highly recommend this soap for soft skin...its deliciously luxurious and has a very calming fragrance... Ro's Argan is also an amazing soap...with a strong but relaxing fragrance of roses...
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