Jelly Babies

"Out, vile jelly! Where is thy lustre now?"​

For the sake of argument, let's suppose that Shakespeare was ruminating on his dislike of our favourite wobbly wonders (the real context is a whole lot more gory). After all, the Elizabethan times were notoriously lacking in glittery shower and bath products. Finally, the world has reached an age where lustre-packed jellies, full of ethically sourced essential oils, make washing one of the most fun parts of the day. It doesn't seem a stretch to say that if the Bard had tried 93,000 miles there would likely be another sonnet in the canon…

Turn to jelly

Shower jellies are a fantastic, versatile alternative to soaps and shower gels. You can: squish them into a pouf for a thick, creamy textured lather; chop them up into little one-wash sized cubes; chill them in the fridge or freezer for reviving cooling or get up close and personal by lathering them straight over your body.

Mineral-rich carrageenan extract, derived from seaweed, forms the unique solid base. In gel form it’s an excellent moisturizing agent and in our jellies it carries fruit juices and infusions.

It also feels phenomenal cooled. Alternating hot and cold while washing is a bathing practice that has a far-reaching history into countries from Japan to Finland (where there are an estimated two million saunas for a population of 5.3 million). According to Lush co-founder Mark Constantine, shower jellies can provide an ‘instant sauna and roll in the snow, but just in the shower!’

To try it, take your shower jellies straight from the fridge or freezer before use. It's a surprisingly refreshing way to wake up your morning routine without having to brave a full icy blast. In the warm heat of summer days, a chilled shower jelly feels like the relief of sipping an ice cold beverage.

Wibbly wobbly timey wimey?

Every occasion deserves jelly. Proposing marriage? Spell it out in jelly. Travelling by tube? Keep fellow commuters happy by smelling jelly-fresh. Heading abroad? Cool down in the heat by popping your jelly in the fridge or freezer before lathering up.

These jellies will get you from daybreak to sundown, although it's wise to refrain from washing five times a day (it's not like eating fruit and vegetables).

8.00am: Usurp the reign of the snooze button. It's time to start the day racing in the right direction with a dose of Whoosh. The blend of cleansing fresh organic lemon, grapefruit and lime juices offers an intensely citrusy wake-up call.

12.00pm-17.00pm: In the event of you possibly being at work, this is the time for jelly anticipation. Ignore the repetitive office playlist and the broken coffee machine and dream lustre-filled daydreams of the lather you'll be enjoying in a few short hours.

18:00pm: If you’ve been on your feet all day, just finished a jog home, or simply want to wind down, turn to 93,000 Miles. Stimulating cinnamon and peppermint oil will get the blood flowing and relieve areas of tension, so you get back out pounding the pavement.

19.00pm: A grand Finnish is guaranteed when you step into a shower with Needles And Pines. Evergreen pine needle, Siberian pine nut and cypress leaf recreate the scent of wild, yet tranquil Finnish forests. Just remember to bring a towel.

21.00pm: Why burn the midnight oil when you can wash with it? Vibrant lemon and organic lemon myrtle oils ensure that Refresher does what is says on the pot. Step out and salsa, or get to work writing the next bestselling novel.

When you want to shake up your routine, head to the Kitchen on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see the treats they're offering up too... from jellifying current creations to bringing back old favourites, there's something wobbly on the horizon for everyone.

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