Do you want to party with us?

Having a birthday party? Hen night? Pamper party? Whatever the reason for your get-together (if you need one at all), we can help. We have three different events to choose from that can be tailored to you and your friends. Just pop into the shop and see how we can help you create the perfect celebration.

Happy Hour:

1 hour

AED 175 per person, including a 50 AED Voucher. The Happy Hour is the perfect party for larger groups looking for a shopping experience of regular shop hours. This party immerses you in the fantastic world of Lush, with interactive product experiences and personalised activities – which means you can decide whether you and your guests want to relax and get your energy levels up with games and quizzes. Pop into your local Lush City Walk shop.



Fun & Games:

1 hour 30 minutes

200AED per person, including a 50 AED Voucher.

Exactly what it says on the tin! Games to suit you - featuring your favourite products and lots of fun! The Fun & Games party involves you and your friends competing against each other in a series of high-energy activities involving our most fun products!

Games will be tailor-made following a consultation so that those new to Lush will discover and learn about our amazing product ranges through play, and the more seasoned Lush fans can show off their knowledge in treasure hunts and quizzes. Hosted by our confident, well-trained teams this party is perfect for celebrating, playing games and having fun! You can tailor-make your Fun & Games with any extras to create your perfect party experience.  At your party, you can choose to get hands on and purchase a product making kit (or two) for you and your guests to make and enjoy. You can choose from



Beauty School:

1 hour 30 minutes

290 AED per person, including a 100 AED Voucher and extra purchase of Fresh Face Mask product making Kit    Catastrophe Cosmetic or Cupcake .

The Lush Beauty School gives you and your friends a lesson in great skin. You'll decide on your theme in advance, with a focus on either facial skin care, or hand and arm treatments. Led by our confident, trained party hosts, you will receive in-depth consultations, learn skincare routines and techniques to practice on one another with products, and receive tips on how to turn your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. For more information visit mena.lush.com and  create your perfect celebration!


Whatever you want from your Lush party, our expert party hosts will be able to help you work it out

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