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Black Label Exclusive Perfumes: Here’s what you need to know!

Did someone say exclusives?

Thats right… you can now find some old favourites and a brand new Vol 4 fragrance as part of our Black Label exclusive range. This much anticipated selection of fragrance will be available in 30ml spritzer bottles at the stores listed below and online here.

London: Oxford Street
Poole Spa
Cardiff Spa
Manchester: Arndale
Glasgow: Buchanan Street

1000 Kisses Deep

Expressing the true complexities of love. 1000 kisses deep captures the intensity and the natural twists and turns of a life long love affair. A soft blend of mandarin with a touch of peachy osmanthus will whisk you off your feet; whilst comforting labdanum and myrrh hold you tight. Wear to feel both the buzz of your first kiss and the security of a soul mate.


A fragrance from our earlier days. Icon is a complex mixture of light and dark. Mysterious and charismatic, this sophisticated fragrance captures the character of a wonderfully eccentric being. A blend of floral orange blossom and bright bergamot provide the uplifting top note. Myrrh and sandalwood infuse the scent with a rich, deep base note. Icon is wonderfully retro come modern chic. Spritz on to reveal its enchanting layers.


Be never too busy to fall in love. Allow this scent to take you on the rollercoaster that is new relationships. Flirt with zesty lemongrass and bergamot, whilst jasmine and rose secretly seduce. Spritz to feel the fizz and bang of a seductive new companion. You will be the apple of someone's eye with this scent of sugar spice and all things extra nice!

Dear John 

An ode to those who we miss. Inspired by the scent of the jacket of a long lost father, Dear John transports us to childhood, whilst reassuring us with a big warm hug. This scent is based on strong emotions from distant memories. Allow the zing of lime and coriander to flash momentarily before the rich vetivert, clove and cedar take you to a gentle place of reassurance. Wear to remember, to relax and realign the mind.

Imogen Rose 

This scent captures the essence of innocence and soft, sweet new life. Packed with rose oil and rose absolute, this fragrance evokes elegance and decadence all at once. Be reminded of youth, what it is to grow up and the road to get there. Allow the soft powdery iris and rose to develop on the skin and reveal a rich and deep floral embrace. Go from young to old and back again with powdery yet opulent floral, rich bouquet.

The Smell of Weather Turning

A spell is cast, capturing the British Isles of centuries past. English peppermint, green nettle and chamomile entwine oakwood and sweet beeswax to evoke the spirit of simpler times. As it warms on the skin this fragrance transforms from a cool and natural fresh breeze into a deep electric embrace. Taking inspiration from English thunderstorms, this scent recreates the fresh yet mossy scent of the countryside after the rain has fallen and lightning has struck.


In the depths of winter, prickly gorse is one of the only plants to be in full flower. Bright, bold yellow flowers fill the air with the heady sweet fragrance of almond, vanilla and coconut. Fresh green notes create the perfect balance. Dating back to medieval times, this iconic floral was once used for protection in the home. Let Furze sweep away negativity and leave you with a sense of comfort and safety. Cocoon in its sturdy exterior and wear when you want  to feel secure and confident.

Flowers Barrow

A bottled corner of English countryside. Fruity blackcurrant with a geranium and chamomile blend capture the scent of  the Southern coast. Set upon an Iron Age hillfort, Flowers Barrow is hidden away ready to be discovered by those who wander. Breathe in windy sea air and clamber across the moors until you reach the hidden Flowers Barrow. Spritz on this scented secret and be ready for an adventure.

Devil’s Nightcap

The English folklore of Dorset provides the backdrop for Devil's Nightcap. A large stone, also known as Agglestone Rock that sits atop a hill. Legend has it that the Devil threw the rock from the Isle of Wight, trying to hit Corfe Castle. Whispers from the townsfolk suggest his plan didn’t work and still to this day lies the Agglestone Rock on the moors.  Orange flower and ylang ylang create fresh and green notes with a hint of fruity, floral qualities. Oakwood and oakmoss give this fragrance a dry woody heart.  Wear to be reminded of the outdoors and its natural and raw beauty.                     

Kerbside Violet

Inspired by the everyday and the notion of the concrete jungle. This fragrance came to be whilst Mark was cycling home and smelt violet on the roadside. He stopped to pick one and noticed that he could no longer smell the scent of the flowers once picked and removed from the root. This challenged him to create a violet scent that could extend past the concrete pavement. With strong roots and the potential to survive in hardy temperatures, this violet scent is designed to reassure you and provide security and strength in all of life's climates.

The President's Hat

Revel in rich layers patchouli, myrrh and deep labdanum. With each sniff of this fragrance allow yourself to revel in the pages of a journey in France. Picture yourself sitting in a traditional French brasserie in Paris. You suddenly realise you are sitting next to a familiar face. To your surprise it is the President of France.  The next thing you know he has left his hat behind. A moment of spontaneity grabs  you and you walk out wearing his hat. You soon find that wearing this accessory brings you a wealth of luck and good fortune. Spray on for a confidence boost, or when you want to have the luckiest of days. Remember! Much like all good deeds, once you have received your good fortune, you must pass it on!

Princess Cottongrass

Inspired by a Swedish fairytale about a Princess with a pure heart. This cautionary tale follows her journey to share the goodness of her heart far and wide. However tragedy entangles her between two worlds, forever searching for her lost locket. Grief prevents her being able to move forward. We are taught to move on and remember our own quest. Neroli, pine and nettle embrace to form a crisp and green scent full of mystery.               

Stayin’ Alive

A celebration of life and overcoming barriers. Sacred frankincense is paired with smoky vetivert and enveloped in comforting vanilla to take you on an exciting journey, from candy floss sweetness to enchanting smoky incense. We can learn to be brave and hold on to our dreams. Stayin’ Alive is a bold scent to help you grab life by the disco balls.        

Tank Battle

Our new addition to the range, this scent is from the Volume IV collection and is inspired by Hal Samples and his friend Tachowa Covington.  As told by Hal Samples, Tank Battle is based on an experience Tachowa encountered in LA. He lived a life Rentless in an abandoned water tank near the Hollywood Hills. He used recycled materials and upcycling to build a cosy home inside the water tank.  Much to his surprise, one day his humble home was brought to the attention of the media as it was tagged by Bansky with the quote ‘This Looks a bit like an Elephant’. Soon bidding wars began and Tachowa was faced with a battle to save his tank as his home. The scent captures this contrast between the soft and homely bubblegum notes and  the poignant spray paint scent of the infamous tagging. This thought provoking and edgy scent triggers considerations on the concept of home and fame.


Our soft and warm blend of Neroli and Watermelon captures the fresh mountain and echos memories of visits to Tibet. A delicate blend of floral and citrus fresh ingredients creates this invigorating fragrance. Climb to the top of the mountain and take a deep breath of positive energy and renewed life. Whilst wearing this fragrance you are sure to reach new heights.


A smoky and incense-like  blend of vetivert and cade captures the atmosphere of Tibetan temples. Allow the breath of god to sweep across the congregation and let your mind use this meditative blend to inspire contemplation and deep thoughts.  Together our Inhale and Exhale oil based perfumes make up Breath of God from our core range which can be found in all stores worldwide.

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