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10 reasons to Knot Wrap

On the lookout for an innovative alternative to wrapping paper? Meet the reusable, long-lasting, but still gorgeously glam alternative... Knot Wrap!

Sourced ethically, with care for the environment., the beautiful fabric can be wrapped in dozens of ways, and then reused however you desire. To make Knot Wrap an even more compelling choice we’ve outlined ten tantalising reasons why you should make the switch.

1. The gift of giving back

The Knot Wraps at Lush are the perfect way of giving a gift whilst also being mindful of environmental impact.

Working with re wrap, a women's cooperative in India, which tutors rural women mainly in sewing skills, also admin and other production processes. They break every day for Yoga session to make sure they feel mentally and physically ready for the day. We use 100% Organic Cotton for our wonderful re-usable wraps

Some of the Knot Wrap designs have been created from recycled plastic bottles which are melted down and spun into thread ready to be woven, and for those vintage lovers out there, a company in the in the UK source vintage scarves that can be gifted and reused as Knot Wrap

2. Create a customisable bag

We’ve all been there, you’ve headed to the shops without a bag, only to make an unexpected purchase and have to struggle home with it. Well struggle no more, as the beauty of the Knot Wrap is you can wrap and rewrap practically anything. One minute it’s a comely carrier bag, the next it’s an attractive headscarf. You can’t do that (and definitely shouldn’t try) with a supermarket plastic bag.

3. A gift within a gift

Filled with wonderful Lush products imagine how happy the receiver will be when they realise that the gorgeous Knot Wrap fabric isn’t the only gift you’re giving them. No need to ask who their favourite is now!

4. Time saver

Whether you’re a wrapping paper expert or always end up getting in a muddle with the cellotape Knot Wrap is so easy to do and an excellent time saver.

No cutting or tape to worry about, Knot Wrap is all about the art of folding and knotting fabric. You don’t even have to worry if you make a mistake because its an easy fix, just unwrap and start again. Follow along with some tutorial videos to become a Knot Wrapping pro in no time.

If you need it wrapped in a hurry, just let the Knot Wrapping experts in store do all the hard work for you, so all you have to do is relax.

5. Make a statement

If you’re the type of person who likes to look on point 24/7 and treats every street as their own personal catwalk then make the Knot Wrap your new accessory. With such range of fabrics, patterns and colours to choose from you can easily coordinate your shopping purchases with your outfit of the day. Watch out Milan, the Knot Wrap is coming your way!

6. Help, I’m lost!

Did we mention we offer a range of Knot Wraps emblazoned with city maps? Collaborating with the people at SplashMaps to create an innovative, wearable, washable, fabric map, perfect for even the most experienced of sightseers. Unlike paper maps, they’re easy to fold, won’t fall apart in the rain, and you can wear them as a scarf or put them in your pocket when you’re spending time outdoors. What’s more when used as a Knot Wrap, they’re perfect hand luggage for a short haul flight, just wrap up some of your favourite solid products, Grab your Knot Wrap and let your journey begin.

7. Take up a new hobby

Fashion-focused and wonderfully versatile Knot Wraps were inspired by the ancient japanese tradition of furoshiki. Originally used to wrap up clothes when visiting the bath house, furoshiki has become a fun and addictive way of wrapping gifts and items. Everyone’s doing it, and you can learn the art too!

8. Winner winner, best gift giver!

Okay okay, we know gift-giving isn’t a competition, but if it was you’d totally win with your Knot Wrapped gift. Talk about standing out from the crowd! Just imagine the pile of presents; your beautifully bespoke fabric-clad masterpiece is going to be a total show stopper. Just sit back and let all the oohs and ahhs wash over you.

9. Endlessly reusable

It’s official folks, a change is coming and it’s blowing in a reusable direction. Don’t wait until everyone is doing it, choose Knot Wrap today and you’ll be a trendsetter, not a trend follower. You’ll never have to buy wrapping paper again! Get yourself in a Knot Wrap loop with your nearest and dearest, sharing wrapping tips and reusing all of those beautiful Knot Wraps together. When they ask who was there at the start of the packaging free revolution you can wave your Knot Wraps with pride.

10. Knot Wrap to the rescue!

Need a hair tie when the wind picks up out of nowhere? Use your Knot Wrap! Need to distinguish your generic black suitcase from the mountain of copy-cat luggage at the airport? Use a Knot Wrap! Need to protect yourself from midday rays? Use a Knot Wrap! Forgot your brolly umbrella and it's starting to rain! Guess what? Use a Knot-Wrap! These pieces of fabric are as versatile as your imagination. So, go anywhere and believe in the power of the Knot Wrap!


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