Let the sun set on worries


Bath Bomb

Let the sun set on worries

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If sleep is evading you, this combination of essential oils will help get you ready for a good night's rest. As Twilight dissolves, it turns from the colour of the setting sun and gets darker, turning your water a shimmering deep purple. The fragrance has been designed to help you sleep: lavender is a soothing, mind-clearing and calming fragrance, used in aromatherapy to treat insomnia and aid restful sleep, while benzoin and tonka call to mind a milky caramel malt drink.

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This is one of my favorite scents because it's filled with Lavender. It's very relaxing and the colors are soft and pretty. #MustTry


1 year سابق


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Use this at the end of a stressful day, and the world will seem to move slower. Twilight paints the water in pastel hues of blue and purple. Its a slow fizzer, and its gorgeous scent will put you under its soothing spell. It leaves the water a sparkly purple color.

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